Thursday, May 28, 2009

Imagine it, life in a 47 room mansion with your friends who are in a rock band

Be it ever so humble, there's no place, I mean no place like the Garwood Mansion 

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Our adventure starts here at the door-once you enter you will never be the same again

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Fish eye view of the hallway , to the left the stairs to the upper floors

Straight ahead to the ballroom-nobody was ever straight. As you entered you knew it was the greatest adventure of your life.

Stairway to heaven and the front door hallway.

Come through that door and into the ballroom for heavenly delights, life will never be the same again


Mark missed the big bust by chance  

From the air the Garwood was seen as classic in architectural design

On the end of Grayhaven Island, some speculated that this house was used for  rum running during prohibition 

From the Detroit River the place looks foreboding

dock your boat and go explore the Garwood 

Behind a large steel fence and seperated from the rest of the world on an island

Getting to the Garwood Mansion was a major task

Victor Reynaud serves to guests in the yard of the Garwood

No PlaceLike Home

Statue in the back that was loved by everyone

No doubt our favorite "ol lady" of the Garwood 

Watching through a window Roslyn Leonard watches her children at play

Roslyn Leonard, half of the famous David and Roslyn keeps her mind collected at the window of the Garwood and watches as her children play on the yard of the mansion 

Stone imported from Italy

For some it was the most beautiful house ever. It was built on the most beautiful place ever, right on the Detroit River

according to Mark Hoover the piano was worth 24 thousand dollars.

Life with music, everywhere at the Garwood. 

Be it ever so humble there's no place like home, espically if you live at the Garwood

Life lived for the joy of living and music shared with friends

Joe Ford crafts up one in the ballroom while sophisticate Gus dines alone and a child chases a butterfly in front

Life be it ever so humble was usually lived hi at the Mansion of your dreams

Work around the house ...

Industrious by nature Garwoodians tackle the chores of the day

People of the garwood

fun for Garwoodians in the early 70s 

David and Roslyn, Arlee and Adrian , next pic they comb peaties hair and other friends

Life in a bubble

My sweet, wonderful Andrea in the tree on the west end of the island

Andrea and I loved coming to the Garwood, here she is about 5, she passed away last year at age 42. 

Sharon Newton and Peatie and Linda and others on the lawn of the Garwood

Fun on Grayhaven Island in the hayday of the Age of Aquarious

Ironing out life at the Garwood...

Vic keeps notes and Garwoodians feast on the fellowship and company of one another

Pipe room of the organ

Bach like you never heard Bach....

Dance practice for young Leonard and friends

The wall in the back was filled with the pipes for the organ 

Eddie, Dave and Mark, members of Stonefront

Jamming with the best musicians in the world Stonefronts members performed to perfection

The hall made for music...

Stonefront practices, the best band in the land for jamming 

Stairway to heaven and the front door of the Garwood Mansion

Larry Merryman makes his way up the stairs to the front door of the Garwood.

Practice makes them better than Creem,The Who, and the Jefferson Airplane

In the ballroom of the  Stonefront shakes the plaster off of the Garwood Mansion

Roof repair with Hoover-I think-Mark avoided the camera cause of the bust potential

Hoover is that the only picture I have of you in those years-

Linda and her inner witch

My friend Linda  on the lawn of the Garwood with my favorite tree on the west end of the island. 

Talented musician Peter Walker visits the Garwood

Peter Walker , America's great folk musicians  on the lawn of the Garwood Mansion

Peatie in the early morning hours of fun at the Garwood

A Garwoodian of amazing talent-we still search for this woman , our inspiration. 

Bell Isle and Windsor on the horizon -the worlds most beautiful tree on the right...

Moonlight on the Detroit river and the spot in 1931 where Gar Wood established a record speed in a boat (125 mph) to the largest crowd ever to attend such an event. 

Harry Bourlier

Harry of name and person, who could grow such a beautiful head of hair and still sound better than Eric Clapton - Harry Boulier 

The smartest and most progressive of the Garwoodians. Lee Elbinger was a giant among men with his threads off or not.

Larry Merryman in the ballroom of the Garwood Mansion practices with the band Stonefront.

Mike was the best among us, now gone he leaves many appreciating him.

Pick a Muse, any Muse....If life let you choose your own muse to take around and photograph, my choice for the best muse was Natalie Morgan.

Larry Merryman, songwriter musician and great friend to Garwoodians tickles the strings to a rheumatic harmony

Drummer of the Stonefront Band Eddie Saenz . We still haven't found the drummer that could out drum Ginger Baker

The Greatest Rock and Roll Band of All Time...Stonefront

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Natalie Morgan in a photoshoped photo that shows two views of her

Victor Reynaud in the Ball room of the Garwood Mansion

Fergie yells down to the ballroom at the Garwood

Victor and Ann Reynaud with the statue in the back yard of the Garwood

Victor Reynaud and the organ loft -this is where the player rolls were put on the organ

Stonefront -band of the Garwood

On the right the wall is filled with the organ -the largest in the country --From Woodstock on it was considered socially acceptable to strip

Garwood on party night. drive your dad's 56 ford for a late night romp .

Natalie Morgan practices in the ballroom of the Garwood

Poseing like Yoko Ono and John Lennen