Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garwood movie-first 56 seconds


  1. where's the other 4 seconds?

  2. bloggers.. this is not to be confused with the
    Feature Documentary entitled
    'STONEFRONT the GarWood Years' currently in production by RiverWye Productions.

    like the use of the Promo 'Postcard' John
    Feel free to use it in your Postcard History Project.

  3. Hi John, That's cool! You have a great voice for documentary. It is sort of fun and authorativate at the same time. I am now waiting for the next 56 seconds....

  4. My grandfather worked both for Edward Gray during his 'Ford' days in Detroit from 1910 to 1919 and Gar Wood in his return to Detroit from 1936 until his death in 1945, at Grayhaven. This photo is of my mom with Gar's brother's boat, Phil Wood. My uncle would roller skate with Gar's kids upstairs, in the room with the player piano and organ. They lived just up the street on Continental at the time. Photo
    I've never seen a photo of Edward Gray- have you? He was responsible for much of the design of the Highland Park Model T plant, along with Albert Kahn, the architect.
    I myself left the Detroit area in 1967, going to college in NY, just north of NYC the moving to Oregon in 1979. I've found many interesting old photos of Detroit in the family collection and many (but not all- more scanning work yet!) at
    Paul Rentz,

  5. HI John, I just found this site from 2009 today 4-8-11. I hope you still check it! It was a real BLAST from the past. My name is Jeff, you probably don't remember me, because I was about 10 when I knew you at"The Garwood" I'm sure you will remember my brother in law, Mark Swanberg (for those who don't know Mark, he was the Bass player & vocalist, for Stonfront, the Band that lived at the Garwood Mansion). He married my sister Pat/Patty/Patrica??.I would like to get in touch sometime, and chat privately. I just started on this site, so hopefully, I can find a contact for you that is still working, if not, please post on here, and I will check in from time to time. I have a lot of stories from a 10yr. olds view to share, and I would love to hear some of yours! Jeff L.

  6. John, thank you for your amazing work, keeping alive beautiful moments in time I will never forget. I've often spoke of my memorys of those days to friends and who'll ever listen. Which I always referred to those days as my "Alice and Wonderland Days! " I'll be now showing off your site when I tell my stories! Thanks again John! Keep up the good work! Your friend and drummer, Eddie